Falling in love with fall

How lovely are the soft cool winds that blow during autumn.  We love to watch our Maple leaf trees turn their vibrant red and orange colors and then gently float to the ground for a beautiful carpet of bright colors before they are whisked away by the stronger winds. 

As this season starts, my mind turns towards cool soccer game nights, brisk Saturday morning football games, bonfires, fall mum's, cotton blooming, cornfields being harvested and then cleared for the next round of crops. There are lots of sweet things to bring in this awesome season.

As you begin this season of change, make sure you take time to enjoy the small things as well as the larger ones.  Stop to hear the laughter of children and adults as we all snuggle under blankets and hoodies to keep ourselves warm during this awesome season.

And as you prepare your home for this colorful time of year, check out some of our vintage themed items to add to your collection or an Autumn print to add just that special fall touch.


Happy Fall!



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