Mother's Day Gift - Birth Dates

Hi friends,

So Mother's Day is quickly approaching.  As I was thinking about my own sweet mother, I was thinking of the "Special Dates" in her life.  And 3 of those special dates involves my sister, brother and myself.  As I was thinking about each of our "Birth Dates"  I decided to create a special print just for her.  I hope you like it...she is going to love it!

A difference a day makes.....

These can be for moms, grandmothers, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.  A sample of what hers is going to look like is below...



And some people just like to look at the dates and remember all the memories like it was just yesterday!  Whatever you prefer, these special dates will be forever in your mind.

As you are planning for this special Mothers Day, I hope that you can create another "Special Date" for that precious Mom, Daughter, Grandmother,  Daughter-in-Law or Friend!

Check out my Gift Collection on my home page and order yours in time for Mothers Day!

Happy Day!




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