A time to remember.....

Welcome to our shop...

Lovely events make for great memories, and that is exactly what we love to create.

After working many years in the "Wedding & Event" industry, we are excited to offer beautiful pieces for you to decorate with at your next event. 

Sometimes you just need a "Theme" to get started with to make your event special.  We help by supplying great pieces for you to be able to get a vision of what you really want things to look like.

Our line of rental products can be displayed in many ways to make your event come to life. Silk Flowers, candles and backdrops make for pretty designs at a reasonable cost and make decorating easy and less time consuming.  And if you want to create your own look with our pieces, that is exactly what we want you to do. 

We love to rent our items with "Silk Floral's" but you are free to use your own "Fresh or Silk Flowers". There are prices for "Rental" with or "Without" our Floral's. 

So we hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and we can't wait to see your beautiful pictures!!!!

Here's to your next "Big Event".....a time to remember!


Janet & William